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Waste management Services

Rovitec and partner – Welltrailing, a top global environmental service company aim to deliver the best-in-class solution to waste management in oilfields and petrochemical plants. Our key focus areas are in waste treatment technology development, equipment design and manufacturing and integrated waste management services.


Rovitec Services majors in the following business areas:

Modular waste management service for oilfields

Integrated waste treatment service for petrochemical plants and urban sewage.

Technical research and consultancy service for environmental protection

Supply of drilling chemicals and production chemicals.

We have the capability to provide best solutions to oilfields and petrochemical waste plants with our unique technology, modular equipment and integrated services.


Waste Management Solutions

Treating wastes from oilfields:

Water-based and oil-based waste mud

Produced formation water and waste fluids produced in acidification, fracturing, completion, etc.

Oily water, contaminated soil and oily sludge

Field camp waste water


Treating wastes from petrochemical or refinery plants, such as:

Waste water

Oily water



Solid waste.


Waste Treatment Modes:

Centralized Plant treatment (easy-to-manage and real-time monitor)

On-site treatment (skid-mounted; fit-for-purpose equipment setup)

Quick treatment (short process flow; fast processing speed; zero water discharge).



Rovitec Services and partners have 14-year waste treatment records.

Fully complied with local environmental regulations.

Satisfactory customer feedback.


We have the following Waste Equipment:


Newly-designed Equipment for Pit-less Treatment of Drilling Mud Waste, Cuttings and Workover Fluid Waste

The drilling mud waste is processed at very high rates using our fast processing system to yield harmless cuttings. This process goes through some post treatment indexes which are achieved through harmless standards.
It is important to note that there is ZERO discharge of waste water during and after the entire process. This process is not only applicable to Sulfonated mud, but also to fracturing flow back fluids and completion fluids with recalcitrant compounds.


Equipment for Waste Centralized Treatment Plant


Equipment for On-site Pit-less Treatment for Drilling Mud Waste and Workover Fluid Waste


Acrylonitrile Waste Water Treatment


Styrene-butadiene Rubber Waste Water Treatment

Equipment for Shale-gas Fracturing Flow-back fluid and Produced Water

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