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Node Technology Solution

Rovitec Services  with her solution partner inApril of Norway are dedicated to providing  cost-effective technology options needed for exploring and developing the world’s future ‘harder to find’ hydrocarbon reserves.

This feat is achieved by using a Venator, a seabed seismic system, developed for highly automated, node-based ocean bottom seismic data acquisition system. New study reveals increasing demand for node-based seabed seismic solutions compared with costly wide azimuth multi-vessel towed-streamer operations.

Venator is a complete seabed seismic system, designed with focus on integration between the Seismic Node, the Automation System and Data Management System. It is capable of deploying and recovering more than 10,000 nodes from one vessel, at a speed of up to six knots, far faster than currently available systems.

Its modular composition makes its operations scalable, and can be mobilized on vessels of opportunity around the world. Venator nodes and automation system are suitable for every depth of operation from 0-3000m.

Venator Features

Venator’s unique features includes:

  • Hands-free automated node deployment
  • Retrieval and storage system
  • A fully automated data management system.

Venator Application

Venator has significantly expanded opportunities for oil companies to make use of seabed seismic acquisition techniques for surveys in oil fields with structures and complex geology.

Venator Benefits

Venator, unlike a conventional cable and node-based systems, successfully addresses the problem of cost, duration and complicated logistics often encountered when implementing node-based seismic technology.

  1. It is simple, robust and easy-to-operate ocean bottom node system, with a lower overall cost along with greater operational efficiency and increased safety.
  2. It will serve both oil companies and marine seismic contractors looking for a more accessible and commercially viable solution
  3. It is the most efficient and flexible OBN system delivered by an independent supplier.

Venator Specifications

Venator is designed in such a way that it meets the industry’s demand for a robust and easy-to-operate Ocean Bottom Node (OBN) system, taking into consideration cost and efficiency as a major factor. The modular design allows the system to fit most vessel types in addition to containerized solutions.

Improvements such as longer battery life, built-in positioning transponder, high degree of automation, hands free launch and recovery, and new sophistication in data management to the conventional node-on-a-rope system were all included in the Venator.

Other systems typically need two different systems to cover the full range of node operations, Venator also offers a unique solution that can be used for all kinds of node operations.

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We are currently providing Venator Technology in Nigeria, which has the capacity to address imaging problems in complex
Geological settings, 4D reservoir monitoring, and surveying in obstructed areas.

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