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GES Software Solutions

Rovitec Services Limited is professionally engaged in the use of GES [Geological Evaluation System] software in the oil and gas industries for geological and geophysical data modelling and analysis.

GES (Geological Evaluation System) is an integrated well management, well long interpretation,2D geological and 3Dmodeling software application. GES is a powerful data management tool for geological, geophysical, well data, geographic and engineering services. It is an interactive tool for single-well log interpretation, multi-well correlation, and geological mapping.

Geological Evaluation Scenario

This scenario is designed for the early to mid-stages of field development. It streamlines 2D geological analysis to provide a quick geological and volumetric evaluation of target formations and regions .

Quick Geological Modelling Scenario

For cases where a quick 3D model is needed, Quick Geological Modelling has the perfect solution. It features ‘One-Button’ stochastic modelling and deterministic modelling modules to simplify the modelling procedure and deliver spatial property distributions and volumetric evaluation.

Geological Evaluation and Geological Modelling Scenario

A sophisticated workflow designed for detailed work. Users can utilize full geological analyses and modelling functionality to reach a model that agrees with geological trends and production history.

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Our range of professional services covers a wide and vast array such as Geological Analysis, 3D Modelling, Well Log Interpretation and a lot more...

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Top Notch, Modern Geological Seismic Technologies

We are currently providing Venator Technology in Nigeria, which has the capacity to address imaging problems in complex
Geological settings, 4D reservoir monitoring, and surveying in obstructed areas.

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