Sub-Surface Solutions

Rovitec and partners offer reservoir characterization and Ocean Bottom Node (OBN) services.

    Rovitec-GPT Inc. partnership is offering GES (Geological Evaluation System), an integrated software application for 2D geological evaluation and 3D geological modeling and analysis.

    It is a powerful and yet cost-efficient product for well correlation, log analysis, facies analysis, geological mapping, production analysis, reservoir section, 3D structure/facies/Petrophysical modeling, and well planning.

    GES contains 10 modules, including Geological Modeling and Analysis, Well log interpretation, Seismic interpretation, Geological Mapping and Modeling, Reservoir Simulation, Reservoir Development and Optimization.

    By utilizing features from each module, GES provides three workflow scenarios (Geological Evaluation, Quick Geological Modeling, and Geological Evaluation & Geological Modeling) custom-designed for different stages of field development.

Geological Evaluation Scenario

This scenario is designed for the early to mid-stages of field development. It streamlines 2D geological analysis to provide a quick geological and volumetric evaluation of target formations and regions.

Quick Geological Modelling Scenario

For cases where a quick 3D model is needed, Quick Geological Modelling has the perfect solution. It features ‘One-Button’ stochastic modelling and deterministic modelling modules to simplify the modelling procedure and deliver spatial property distributions and volumetric evaluation.

Geological Evaluation and Geological Modelling Scenario

A sophisticated workflow designed for detailed work. Users can utilize full geological analyses and modelling functionality to reach a model that agrees with geological trends and production history.

Geological Analysis

Geological Analysis

  •     Well correlation.
  •     Structure and thickness map.
  •     Grain size and mineral composition analysis.
  •     Core and facies analysis.
well Log Interpretation

Well Log Interpretation

  •     Well log processing.
  •     Well log normalization.
  •     Petrophysical property interpretation.
  •     Lithology and fluid interpretation.
Hydrocabon Distribution

Hydrocabon Distribution

  •     Production curve.
  •     Production histogram.
  •     Production pie chart.
Production Analysis

Production Analysis

  •     Well correlation.
  •     Structure and thickness map.
  •     Grain size and mineral composition analysis.
  •     Core and facies analysis
Well Plan

Well Plan

  •     Well Plan on map.
  •     Well Plan on cross section.
Volumetric Evaluation

Volumetric Evaluation

  •     2D volumetrics.
  •     Resources and reserve calculation.
  •     Single well control reserve calculation.
  •     Uncertainty analysis.
One-Botton Stochastic Modelling

One-Botton Stochastic Modelling

  •     Auto - edit input data.
  •     Honor geological constraints.
  •     Auto -estimate modelling parameter.
Production Analysis

3D Volumetric Calculation

  •     Reservoir resources calculation.
  •     Reservoir reserve calculation.
  •     Uncertainty analysis.
Quick Deterministic Modelling

Quick Deterministic Modelling

  •     Quick horizontal gridding.
  •     Quick structural modelling.
  •     Quick facies modelling.
  •     Quick petrophysical property modelling.

Ocean Bottom Node Service

  • Ocean Bottom Nodes

  • Launch & Retrieval

  • Node Storage solutions


Rovitec aims to deploy inApril’s Ventator, a seabed seismic system, developed for highly automated, node-based ocean bottom seismic data acquisition system.

Venator is capable of launching and recovering more than 10,000 nodes from one vessel, at a speed of up to six knots, far faster than currently available systems. Its modular composition means its operations are scalable, and can be mobilized on vessels of opportunity around the world.

The A3000 is our all in one node capable of dual mode deployment in both deep and shallow water. It is designed for maximum effeciencies in OBN operations. Nodes can be deplyed in depts up to 3000m with continus recording for upto 110 days


  •     0 – 3000m water depths.
  •     110 days battery endurance.
  •     Four channel recording @ 0.25, 0.5, 1.0 or 2.0 msec.
  •     14 Hz Omni-directional geophones.
  •     High Tech HTI 96 hydrophone.
  •     Precision OCXO or CSAC clock.
  •     Three-orthogonal compass and tilt sensors.
  •     Built-in USBL positioning transponder (optional).
  •     Built-in battery charger.