Our Services

We offer various aspects of engineering, sub-surface and waste management services to upstream oil and gas companies, in a safe, reliable, efficient, professional and environmentally friendly manner.

Our operational excellence is the key to our success. We have capacity for specialized engineering services, best-in-class reservoir characterization software and operations of seabed seismic imaging solutions to resolve imaging problems in complex geological settings, 4D reservoir monitoring, and surveying in obstructed areas. We aim to deliver world-class waste management in and around the oilfields.

We aim to deliver world-class waste management in and around the oilfields.


We are dedicated to providing cost-effective Engineering Services for clients in the areas of:

  • Conceptual design and documentation.
  • Front end engineering design (FEED).
  • Detail engineering design (DED)..
  • Pipeline engineering.
  • Follow-on Engineering.
  • Production, Process and Equipment conditioning services.



Focus is in the use of GES [Geological Evaluation System] software ifor G & G data modelling and analysis in the oil and gas industry.

  • Venator System.
  • Geological Evaluation Scenario.
  • Quick Geological Modelling Scenario.
  • Geological Evaluation and Geological Modelling Scenario.



Rovitec and partner – Welltrailing, a top global environmental service company aim to deliver the best-in-class solution to waste management in oilfields and petrochemical plants.

Our majors are in the following areas;

  • Modular waste management service for oilfields.
  • Integrated waste treatment service for petrochemical plants and urban sewage.


We dedicated to providing cost- effective technology options needed to explore and develop the ‘harder to find’ hydrocarbon reserves.

Why Rovitec

We work with the best tools & people to ensure that we deliver quality products to our customers at all times. Our safety policy guarantees that we have little or no LTI (Lost Time Incident) at work.

We are very experienced at what we do, with many years of expertise to our credit.

Our professional ethics ensures that we provide you with the best service at all times.

We deliver quality services, safely, on time and within budget.

Our equipment and software are cutting-edge and delivers superior quality.

We deploy safe work practices in our day to day operations, to ensure the safety of lives and property of our employees and clients.